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Created by Natalia Zhdanova, Instructional Designer at Riskified
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Conducted Market Analysis
Analysed logos in the Berlin culture segment
Senior Digital Creative Freelance, kosmar
Winning a hackathon
Winning an award
Built a web application
Conducted Market Analysis
Built UI components
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Winning the First Prize in the 10th China E-commerce “Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship” Challenge Competition (Fujian Province)

My project is to build an educational platform for communications between students, and to carry out the “second-classroom” teaching. Before designing the new platform, we had conducted thorough preliminary market research and business environment analysis. The feasibility and preliminary evaluation of the platform’s implementation effect were also included, which grabbed the judges’ attention.
Sep 04, 2020
Scoped a new product feature
Created a Product Roadmap
Conducted Market Analysis
Wrote user stories
Conducted user interviews
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I had the opportunity to work on a very important project for Masterplan, the introduction of compulsory training into the platform. The project was not interesting only strategically for the company, but also for the challenges that it brought with him on the product in terms of User Experience. 

A great effort that turns out to be a great success. Moreover, due to the Covid period, for the first time, I conducted user testing not face-to-face but instead with a digital product for remote user testing, Maze. It turns out to be a lot of fun to set up the test this way!
Senior Product Manager, Masterplan