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Programming in C#
Learning about Aeron from the Aeron Guide by creating small programming samples of utilities based on Aeron.Net in C# with .NET Core 5.0 and the Java Media Driver.
Studied C#
Learned C#
Finished C# Generics on Pluralsight.
Apr 07, 2008
Built a feature
Learnt C#
Learnt .NET
+ 1
Transferred to another project team (ECIN, aka Sunrise Care Management) -- good-bye Canopy, we did great things! :')

(Date is approximate, to the best of my recollection.)
May 02, 2021
Left a role at Aqovia
Used GraphQL
Contributed to Open Source Project
Wrote HTML
Wrote CSS
Wrote TypeScript
Used Lit
Wrote Python
Wrote C#
Mentored an Engineer
Developed a backend system
+ 9

Finished working at Aqovia on NeuerEnergy

The indomitable @kejk and Aqovia CTO Mustafa Arif brought me on board to turn their designs and prototypes into a working app for NeuerEnergy. I worked 'hand-in-hand' with the data science and engineering teams to bring a B2B Dashboard SPA to life using Apollo Elements and Lit.

My early plans to fly to London once a month to work face to face never panned out, but we all gained great remote-working experience. Aqovia is a great company with a diverse and talented team. It was a pleasure working with them.
Deployed a Backend System
Used React.js
Used node.js
Used Next.js
Used SQL Server
Used Stripe
Used .NET
+ 5
Here I worked with the Mancomm products, I improved their payment system by replacing SendOwl with Stripe, also created multiple REST APIs with .NET and Node.js, all of these connected to SQL Server with Sequelize ORM with a Next.js Frontend.
You can see the project here.
Fullstack Web Developer, MANCOMM