C Programming Language

Created by Dario Scarpa, Founder/Programmer at Binary Charm Ltd
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How C program works:
Six palettes of PANTONE®’s RGB colors are stored in six different arrays. It will contain the loop to use different colors from different arrays, the users are able to press Button 0 (zero- key) to move from the arrayColor[0] and change the theme to arrayColor[1] respectively and so on. If the loop is about to exceed the number of maximum number of colors, it will turn to be the first theme as a defaults again. 

For the controlling parts, Five is the maximum number of players. The hardwares that are involved with game is that three people will play on the computer’s keyboard, one will be on mouse, and the last one will be on the joystick (In this case, me, the developer will use the PlayStation4 controller’s arrow keys to move)

If all the escapist are caught by the chaser, the chaser will instantly be the winner of the game