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Feb 01, 2020
Founded a new company
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I`ve started building Improve Ventures.  What started as a venture studio for R&D purpose, turned into VC by the end of 2020. 

This is something I was thinking & preparing for through the last 15+ years: invest in talents on scale.  

Preparing - not an exaggeration.  

Trader and asset manager turned researcher, founder, and operator, working at the intersection of science, technology, culture and education.

Remote entrepreneur, I have been fortunate to collaborate with highly skilled professionals across 20+ industries over a wild array of cross-discipline projects in US, EU, CIS, Asia, LATAM and UK.

Worked with over a 100 of ideation/pre-seed startups from edtech, fintech, hrtech, robotics, hardware, proptech, creative industries, clouds, and music tech to name a few across developed and emerging markets, as well as with artists, scientists, educators, territory developers and investors.

So what we have turned into by the end of 2020 is an empathy, data and synergy-diven fund, investing in talented founders from emerging and frontier markets as early as possible. 

We search for human-centric solutions that enhance human potential and empower a more sustainable life.

P.S. I wish I could add relevant activity tags :)  
GP, Chief Uncertainty Officer, Improve Ventures
Jan 01, 2019
Explored Circular Economy
Circular economy is a big concept to understand. I'm passionate to understand how economics work on a personal level. 

I decided to explore the concept of personal consumption and circular economy by implementing lifestyle changes in my life. 

Some of the things that I reflected and realised through this exploration:
  • There's always another way to solve your problem. Is there a way to utilise the resource that you have in your house?
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