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I was a guest on on #ハナス【ニコハチ英語】

I shared my perspective as an American and learned a little more about Japanese culture. I also helped everyone learn and use phrases related to "enough".
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Responded to a question about using the Enneagram as a leadership tool, during "Learning to Lead: The best and worst of feedback" on Clubhouse.

As a leadership tool, the Enneagram is great. I first became aware of it in 1994 and it has helped me lead myself more than anything else. I can strongly recommend Helen Palmer's book The Enneagram in Love and Work as a resource to help you find your point and work with others who have also defined their point for themselves. 

It is the self-defining aspect of the Enneagram that I like the most. The work that you do in this regard is a journey, not an endpoint. While there are coaches and experts who can interview you, and tests you can take, the most these resources can do is indicate which points you might want to check out. No person or tool can tell you what your point is: only you know your true motivations, essence, core wounding and "avoidances."

As such, the Enneagram should not be used as a resource for typing other people. It's natural to want to take what you've learned about yourself and try to apply it to others. First, you can't, even with professional training and coaching experience; and second, don't.
Happy to talk about it!

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Jun 24, 2021
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I chatted with a16z folks about cloud repatriation as well as other things on Clubhouse.