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Learnt Java
Part of being a good programmer is theory and understanding how algorithms and data structures work under the hood. Of course, everyone can use them. After a long time of figuring things out, I rebuilt the LinkedList data structure in Java today and got to grips with the other DSs: 

- Maps,
- Trees,
- arrays
- lists
- queue 
- deque 

Learnt Java
Object Oriented Programming
Practised Continuous Integration
Learnt JUnit
Used Test Driven Development
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To go into more depth this week, as a Friday project I designed and implemented an online store backend system in Java. 

Polymorphism, abstraction, inheritance - everything that belongs to object orientation was of course included. In addition, exceptions and optional types and user interactions were added. 

Check out the repo and feel free to give me a review.
Trainee Java Fullstack Developer, Neue Fische - School and Pool for digital talents
Learnt Python
Learnt HTML
Learnt CSS
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Am on a path to learn python, HTML and CSS to be able to build ML models, draw insights and be able to communicate them to the world. 
Used Python
Learnt Python
Working on a coding project
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Acquired the Python superpowers 2021 bundle to support charity and learn more about Effective PyCharm 2021 and Modern APIs wth FastAPI!! 🐍
Learnt Java
Object Oriented Programming
Today I studied the important paradigms of object-oriented programming.

- Polymorphism
- Abstraction 
- Inheritance 
Learnt Go language
Published a project
Used Kubernetes
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Forked an nfs volume provisioner for kubernetes in order to implement some custom needs : nfs-client-provisioner.
Site Reliability Engineer, Conserto