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Learnt JavaScript
Learnt PostgreSQL
Learnt css
Graduated from coding bootcamp
Learnt HTML
Developed with NodeJs
Studied React
+ 5
Graduated from HenryBootcamp and finally accomplished my aspiration: becoming a programmer.
Got into NeoG Camp Bootcamp Class of 2022.
Got into the NeoG Camp Class of 2022.
Aug 14, 2021
Graduated from Coder Academy
Finished my web development course
Graduated as a full stack developer with a diploma of IT after a 10 month bootcamp with Coder Academy 
Graduated from coding bootcamp
I've just finished @Plataforma5 coding bootcamp in Buenos Aires!
Graduated from coding bootcamp
Graduated top of class from WebDeveloper bootcamp : a radical career change as I previously worked in hospitality.
Graduated from coding bootcamp
I completed a fullstack development Coding Bootcamp with Le Wagon: a 9-week intensive coding bootcamp learning HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript ES2015, SQL, git, GitHub, Heroku and Ruby on Rails 🎉