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Jun 28, 2021
Published a newsletter
Researching problem domains
Studying Cognitive Science
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Started publishing MindOS research as a learning in public newsletter project.
Studying Cognitive Science
Studying Machine Learning
Cog Sci study night... Coffee and a stack of Gary Marcus articles.
Mentored a college student
Shared my network
Shared how I navigate burnout
Networked as an introvert
First Polywork collaboration
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First Collab on Polywork

Connected with a fellow cognitive science major interested in the tech industry and accessibility. I shared how I approached networking and skillbuilding as an introvert from a nontraditional background. We talked about doing things the way that is healthy for you vs forcing yourself to do what others proclaim as the only "right" way.
May 01, 2007
Dropped out of college
Studied at Aish Hatorah
Studied Neuroscience at Trent University
Studied Abroad
Learned in Yeshiva
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Left Canada For Yeshiva in Jerusalem

In 2007, I finished my freshman year at Trent University in Peterborough Ontario. There were many kind people that mentored me there, including the late, great Paul Delaney, who said I was the only religious Jew to ever attend that school. His kindness notwithstanding, a succession of antisemitic incidents there convinced me to Transfer to York U.

Not only was the antisemitism much worse at York, but they lost my application over the summer, leaving me without any relevant courses.

I told the administration not to expect me in the fall, and flew to Israel instead. Turned out to be the best move I've made in my life. I rode out the global depression in Yeshiva, learning how to live before I learned how to make a living.

The legendary rabbinic staff at Aish presented a Judaism I was heretofore completely ignorant of - coherent, integral, vibrant, and urgently relevant. With their guidance, and shoulder-to-shoulder with my newfound friends, I plumbed the depth of a historic, legal, spiritual, and ethical tradition stretching back 4000 years.

Studying my heritage in depth as an adult changed the way I saw myself in the world. It gave me the confidence to be myself, to represent my ancestors, and to strive forward. 

(Pictured: late night studies in the Aish beis medrash)
Apr 25, 2020
Attended Women of React Conf
Listened to a tech talk on cognitive metaphor
Followed conference speakers on Twitter
Listened to a tech talk on illustrating technical concepts
Attended a women in tech conference
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Attended Women of React Conf

My favorite talk was which called listeners to break down the barriers to tech by bringing visual metaphors to technical documentation.
"Documentation is a visual desert. The way web development is currently explained and taught limits what thinkers can join this community."
Studying Machine Learning
Studying Cognitive Science
Settling in for the night with a cup of tea and a stack of Tomaso Poggio articles.