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Featured in the ADPList Blog article "How to be a leader that communicates better?" published today.

Communication is important to achieve mutual understanding between two parties or more. In a company or an organization, a leader should be able to communicate well to the team as this will impact and affect the company's reputation and identity. But how do we actually do that? As a leader, how do you measure that you have achieved a good communication ‘standard’ with your team members.

Setting a life goal
Setting goals

Next goals (to achieve in 2021!)

  • implementing and learning more about collaborate work and agil methods
  • developing creative key visuals and fancy designs with graphic designers
  • developing a communication strategy which is inclusive, non-sexist, non-racist and taking intercultural aspects of partnercountries into account

Communication Advisor/Specialist, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ
Setting new standards
Defining objective
Starting implementation
Setting a life goal
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My next goals: 

More awareness of my privileges and becoming a real ally to BLM and LGBTQI+ 
-> and then implementing in everyday life and work!
Participated in a Zoom call
Today I was in a Zoom call.  I properly used muting and unmuting in order to communicate clearly without subjecting my other fellow zoom callers to unnecessary mic noise and did not forget to unmute when speaking.  I was able to use Zoom during a time when I had sufficient bandwidth so that I did not have any drops or awkward cut outs.  At the end, I was able to smile and wave while quitting, giving others the impression I knew how to properly zoom.
Dec 28, 1998
Wrote marketing plan
Learned to operate shop tools
Became active on rocketry usenet forums as company rep
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Started working with RocketVision, helping the original crew transition from actual garage-based Impulse Aeorspace into an angel funded full-fledged start up in an industrial bay.