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Released a song
Over two years since Jon Bellion released his own music. In that time he's written for everybody from Justin Bieber to Halsey. He finally made his grand return last night with "I Feel It" featuring Burna Boy.

It was fun keeping the community engaged with this release. Jon first teased "New music" back in June, then went silent. In that time, I kept fans eager. I would tease the explosion on the cover art with πŸ’₯β™₯, which nobody knew what it meant until this week when it was revealed.

I told a story through the VMG Twitter location where I'd switch it every few days, simulating that we were leaving Glory Sound Prep for the start of something new. Fans ate this information up.

This is where the creativity of social media shines. I took simple ideas and, because we have a great community, made them into an experience that fans will remember.

Listen to the song here:
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Sep 03, 2021
Hosted an Event
Organized an event
Hosted a #FigmaFriday session for Friends of Figma, Philippines! Our event for today was titled, Designer Variants: A Conversation Between Designers in Different Work Settings ✨

We had designers representing different work settings share their design processes (and how Figma comes into play πŸ˜†) during this 2-hour session held on Bevy Virtual.

I hosted and moderated the session, and I'm happy to say that I also learned a lot from the discussion between the panel speakers we invited to speak! 😁

Our initial plan was to hold this event during August, which in the Philippines is considered Buwan ng Wika (National Language Month), but we moved the date to a week after because we needed more time to prep, and confirm if the people we invited would even accept the invitation in the first place πŸ™ˆ

The community was also very engaging thru the chat, with reactions and conversations also popping up even as we were discussing different topics!

Shoutout to my fellow Figma Community Advocates (Red, Raine, Paul, Eric, Jelvin, and Anjo!) as well for the support and the effort in organizing the event! This was a team effort through and through πŸ’–
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Started a new journey with these peeps! Working with TinkerHub's Media Team now. Let's start the engines. πŸ’₯πŸ‘»
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the first Theme Monday on App dot net, I was Community Manager for this joyous event...we[participants] all changed our avatars to baby pics, my timeline was delightful and the event was a brilliant ice breaker on that platform 🀩
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Hosted an Event
As a Community focused leader during tenure as the Vice President of the Music Student Association of Nigeria, Lagos State University Chapter. I Proposed and hosted events that meet the goals and needs of students. from academic programmes to extra curriculum programs etc...
Organised a conference
Organised a Music Business Conference
Community Management
Spoke on a panel
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Organized the second Zoom-in Session

The panel included Radio technocrats from the UK, Zimbabwe, Dominicana, and South Africa. The host was the respectable BlahTee (Content Director, A&R at a Major, Festival Liason).

Zoom- In Sessions is a round-table discussion centred around the music business, DIY & DIO, the music industry macro and microeconomics. It is hosted on ZOOM. Brought to you by Big Soko Music Group. Admission is free & but seats are limited.

Watch here: