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Oct 01, 2021
Kaggle Competition
Came in 3rd place in the G2Net Gravitational Wave Detection competition!
Data Analysis
Wrote a Kaggle Notebook
Kaggle Competition
Developed Digital Learning Strategy
Digital Education
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By using @LearnPlatformUS dataset we will figure some of the common patterns and identify the clusters based on demography, geography, and accessibility.

Evolution of Digital Learning During COVID19 | Kaggle
Aug 03, 2021
Kaggle Competition
I won 4th place (solo) in the CommonLit Readability Prize on Kaggle 🥇️
Wrote a technical article
Used Machine Learning
Learning Data Science
Machine Learning Competition
Coached a Data Scientist
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Discovering the most popular Machine learning competitive platform in 2021 to showcase your recently acquired skills.

Top 5 Machine Learning Competitive Platforms in 2021 | by Abid Ali Awan | Aug, 2021 | Towards AI

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