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Nov 18, 2021
Spoke at an event
Spoke at Build Stuff
Attended Build Stuff conference
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Spoke at the Build Stuff 2021 conference about designing your solutions in a cloud environment.
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Watching a Presentation

SheCodes workshop

Attended SheCodes workshop to gauge the tech stack that the organization teaches, understand their services, and how well it aligns with my requirements. 
Conference attendee
So ready for NoCodeConf 2021 🚀
Attended GraphQL Conf 2021
Attended an event
Attended GraphQL event

  • Amazing updates in Apollo studio
  • Great tips securing graphs! (9 Ways to Secure Your Graph)
  • Embed GraphQL in your documentation for easy on-boarding.
Attended OSXP
(Virtually) Attended the Opensource Experience as part of the  OW2 Quick App Initiative
Lead Developer Advocate, Huawei Technologies
Nov 09, 2021
Attended SaltConf
Gave a talk
Attended SaltConf
Spoke at SaltConf
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Bring Us a Shrubbery! 

I gave a talk last week at SaltConf21 about  the surprising link between gardening and software development.

If you missed it, catch it here: