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Hacking my brain
Managing a Scrum Master
Improving process
Started at Columbia University
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10+ years of being the PM Bridesmaid, never the PM Bride. 

I have often found myself in the position to be the go-to Project Clean up crew. Missing the vital cert behind my name I was never the go to "Assigned PM". 

I was the Hamilton to George Washington. Overlooked for battle but called in at the vital times to win the war. 

Started my Technical Project Management Boot Camp and in 17 short weeks that should be a thing of the past! 

Cheer me on as I fight the battles of SCRUM to win my coveted PSM lvl 1 Cert.

Hacked my brain
You gotta kill some brain cells and their connections to grow new ones. 👨🏻‍🔬
Attended Grad school
Wrote screenplay
Engaged in collaborative storytelling
Hacked my brain
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Love studying screenwriting in grad school at SNHU. School has always been a personal hack for making myself be creative and productive. When money and grades are on the lines, deadlines get more meaning.