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Aug 27, 2021
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Loading Images With the “Blur Down” Technique

An experimental approach to deblurring images on load

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Aug 23, 2021
Wrote a tweet
Experimented with CSS
Experimented with blurring low-res image placeholders to create a “glow” (see tweet)
Wrote an article
Wrote About CSS
Co-redacted (fr) an article about a few frequently asked questions about CSS curated from Google Search results for "Why is CSS"

J'ai co-rédigé un article sur le CSS reposant sur les questions fréquemment posée sur Google. L'article est disponible sur OCTO Talks le blog d'OCTO Technology.

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Contributed to Umami web analytics

I'd started using Umami for analytics on some of my web projects. I'd come to like it so I figured I would help fix some of the minor issues I encountered (mostly making adjustments for device screen scaling).


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I developed a space-themed random quiz app using HTML, CSS and vanilla JavaScript. A cute little project to add to my -under construction- portfolio.


Nov 02, 2020
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I'm coding parts of the front-end interface in Javascript and CSS for a great company, with great people !
The stack : Rails, Vanilla JS, Stimulus and BEM (very readable way to name classes).
Front-end Developper, Time for the Planet