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Participated in a CTF
I participated in UCSB's iCTF 2020 as a guest on the Cinsects team, where we placed 32nd.

Found a security vulnerability
Reported an exploit
I found a CVSS 4.3 Improper Access Control vulnerability in a product of Ubiquity Inc.

The detailed report was not disclosed by them.

Participated in a CTF
I placed 6th in GitLab's first internal Capture The Flag.


You too can play it at home!

Ethical Hacking
Learning about cybersecurity
Published an article
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🍑 First comprehensive guide on running Kasm Workspaces on the #Raspberry Pi! Kasm Workspaces from Kasm Technologies is a way of running isolated #Docker instances that are streamed in your browser - whether it is a disposable Ubuntu instance, Firefox or just a terminal instance. Containerization provides another layer of security when you needed it.

👉 https://blog.cyberethical.me/run-kasm-workspaces-on-raspberry-pi

#CyberEthical #CyberKnowledge #CyberSecurity #hacking #pentesting #pentester #infosec #ethicalhacking #whitehat
Ethical Hacking Unraveler, CyberEthical.Me
Finished a Try Hack Me Room
Learned cybersecurity topics such as web application security and Network security through Try Hack Me room.

Dec 09, 2021
Used a tool for the first time
cyber security
OSINT Monitoring
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I worked with Spiderfoot for the first time. It is a very interesting tool for example to get a first impression of the web footprint of an organisation or domain.