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Built a web scraper
Wrote my first web scraper in Go
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Data Collection
Setup database
Google BigQuery
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Generate BigQuery credentials  To let dbt connect to your warehouse, you'll need generate a keyfile. This is like using a database user name and password with most other data warehouses. (but without filling up manually)

  1. Go to the BigQuery credential wizard. Ensure that your new project is selected in the header bar.
  2. Generate credentials with the following options:
    • Which API are you using? BigQuery API
    • What data will you be accessing? Application data (you'll be creating a service account)
    • Are you planning to use this API with App Engine or Compute Engine? No
    • Service account name: dbt-user
    • Role: BigQuery Job User & BigQuery User
    • Key type: JSON
  3. Download the JSON file and save it in an easy-to-remember spot, with a clear filename (e.g. dbt-user-creds.json)

Sep 30, 2015
Partnered with Hiring Managers
Advised Hiring Managers
Recruited at all levels
Improved Employer Branding
Developed Hiring Strategies
Active Sourcing
Leader Recruitment Team
Mentored a Recruiter
Created KPI dashboard
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🇩🇪 Im Recruiting zu sein ist der beste Weg, um

Menschen zu helfen, die passende Herausforderung für ihr Talent zu finden
Unternehmen zu helfen, die passenden Talente für zukünftige Herausforderungen zu finden.

Sucht immer nach den Menschen, ihren Geschichten, Talenten und Potenzialen, nicht nach dem perfekten Lebenslauf. 

🇺🇸 Being in Recruitment it is one of the best ways to help 
People find the right challenge for their talents
Companies  find the right talents for the challenges ahead 

Look for the people, their story, talent and potential, not the perfect resume. 

It’s a match ❤️ 
Aug 19, 2021
Published a manuscript in a peer-reviewed journal
Developing Sustainable Workflows for Community-Pharmacy Based SARS-CoV-2 Testing, a paper I coauthored with colleagues from Idaho State University College of Pharmacy, is going to be published in the Journal of the American Pharmacists Association (JAPhA). I am especially proud of this one, because we worked on it for 10 months, our project helped a large number of people get tested for COVID-19 in rural areas (more than the number quantified in the paper--the program continued for months longer with additional funding), and I did all of the data analysis. 
Information Designer/Data Visualization Developer (Freelance/Consultant), Self-Employed
Mar 02, 2020
Built a web scraper
Built a web application
Finalized a web application called CK Veg Menus. It allows Cerner employees eating at a campus cafeteria to build a custom menu to fit their dietary preferences/restrictions. It scrapes the menu from Company Kitchen and enables filtering by keywords and price.

I spent several months working on this, making it my largest personal project to date. This started as a local script and turned into a website utilizing a cache and cookies, so I learned so much along the way and enjoyed seeing it evolve.

Unfortunately, I was the only person to use this since Cerner employees started working from home in March due to COVID-19.