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Data Visualization
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In this project, we will be using data analysis tools to figure out trends in digital learning and how it is effective towards improvised communities. We will be comparing districts and states on factors like demography, internet access, learning product access, and finance.

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Data Visualization
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Slowly approaching the release date of a challenging web project. Includes a LOT of infographics, integrates Webflow, Airtable and many many apexcharts.js.

So far it has been a true eye-opener. I found numerous workarounds to Webflow's limits and discovered that, actually, it is not that bad for complex data structures. Anyway, we will se how it works out. 
Sep 17, 2021
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Did you know that, according to the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), adults with lower levels of educational attainment report higher rates of depression in many countries? Storytelling With Data's September challenge involves working with education data, so I used OECD's to create my first petal chart. Interact with the viz on my Tableau Public profile. (The tooltips contain more context for the data.)

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Goodreads Profile Analysis App

Use this app to prepare the next gift for your friends and family and I am sure they will love it 😍

Goodreads Recommedations | Deepnote

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Sep 06, 2021
Data Visualization
Did you know that a majority of Americans have supported legal #abortion in at least some circumstances since 1975? This #makeovermonday, the #datafam visualized this timely #data from
@Gallup & @FiveThirtyEight | Interactive viz:

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For the course in Data Visualization and Exploration, I have analyzed and visualized the most frequent route made by the iconic yellow taxies and the most common zones where taxi pick-up or drop-off people during the month of January 2019. The data used are available for free from the NYC Government website. Attached are the visualizations made: one NY map for visualizing the pick-up and drop-off zones and a Sankey diagram for the routes. 

The source code is available on GitHub at the following link: