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Organized a team building event
Giving a presentation
Running a tabletop RPG
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Running a D&D Campaign

Reconnected with gaming group from collegiate years. We're six players in three time zones, playing biweekly sessions.

  • Planning three-hour sessions, with built-in breaks and Intro/Gameplay/Outro pacing
  • Taking notes during gameplay
  • Improvising with players while not letting the wheels totally fall off
  • Collaborating with players to build a story
  • Encouraging equal levels of contribution to the world and gameplay
  • Balancing between pre-written content and in-the-moment creativity
  • Keeping players on pace and on track so we're constantly pushing forward
  • Reflecting with players after the session with MVP moments, to highlight the group's success and individual players' contributions
  • Balancing as many unique playstyles and motivations/goals as there are players, including myself
  • Leveraging existing technology (and building my own) to manage aspects of campaign with work-smarter-not-harder ethos
Honestly, running D&D is a multi-hour product management meeting, and I do it for fun. Repeatedly.
Led a design team
Designed a new feature
Shipped an entirely new experience that simplifies cloud infrastructure security and identity management at scale with Terraform Cloud:

The new concept of "variable sets" can be used to help scale almost anything you can do with cloud infrastructure, even Spotify playlists! ☁️🎢🎧
Oct 23, 2021
Recruiting for Talent
Organized a team building event
This is our line up for October 24th. Tap in tap in, their sounds vary so there's something for everyone. Afterchurch is rated E for everyone

Promoted to Lead Product Designer
Led a design team
Was promoted to Creative Lead, for a small team of 5 people
Sep 21, 2021
Building a remote team
Building a design team
Working on building an app that helps you make better video content.

Building a design team
Led a team
Working on building out our design team at BASIC, creating best in class experiences for our clients! Ping me if you want to talk