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We just announced the ADPList Partnership and UXPH Mentorship Program!

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Our goal in UXPH has always been to grow and nurture the Filipino creative community and empower a culture where products and services are built mindfully and sustainably. We're building our mentorship program to allow members to grow and nurture in the design and tech industry.

Founded in 2020, ADPList is on a mission to democratize mentorships for all. ADPList is a platform for people to find, book, and meet mentors around the world. They also host a lot of events and group mentoring sessions for the design community!

This is the beginning of something amazing and I'm excited to be collaborating with ADPList!

Feel free to reach out if you'd like to be involved or partner with us!

Rupali Roychoudhury


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Oct 17, 2021
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used Figma

Provided mentorship

Guided my mentee on the best ways to use Figma and demonstrated how to use the prototype features.
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Mentored ux/ui designers
Became a Designer in Residence Mentor for Academy Xi

Joining some of the most influential designers in Australia, my role in the Designer-in-Residence programme is to provide coaching, mentoring and experience sharing with the future designers by engaging Academy Xi design students to get a perspective into their thinking styles, guiding continued development and assisting them to place their best foot forward in their careers.