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Created by Sabrina Nedjah, Product designer at Maze
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Jan 01, 2021
Started a new role at eko
Senior Design Manager
Built a Design System
Created a product prototype
Designed a style guide
Designed User Experience Assets
Captured Product Feature Edge Cases
Redesigned Product Feature Wireframes
Created and manage Figma's "eko design team"
Created design starter file templates for other designers
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 🎉 Super excited! I got promoted to Sr. Design Manager!  🎉 

In this new role my work will be more horizontal to oversee design across eko as opposed to my previous role as a product designer where my focus was heavily on eko's platform products.

I'll continue to individually contribute to eko's product design as needed but will be expanding the focus to give continuity and lead the efforts of our very first platform design system, advocating customer-centric design thinking, scalability and collaboration to help establish holistic design standards in our consumer and platform facing products.
Sr. Design Manager, eko
Nov 25, 2019
DesignOps — Created intake process
One of the first things I did when I started up Brand Design was to update our design request process away from Github (a tool foreign outside of product design).