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Mar 01, 2020
Launched a brand redesign
Built a Design System
Teaching about design systems
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Involved as lead creative in developing the new digital brand and global design system of Volkswagen.

Agency: Sinnerschrader
Mar 01, 2018
Launched a design system
Launched the Sonic Design Language at Stellar
Aug 02, 2021
Built a Design System
Built in Figma
Creating design system documentation
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Today I launched v1.0.0 of our Path Design System for Figma. This puts us one step closer to a more mature and scalable design system. We rebuilt each component 1:1 with what exists in production from scratch to make sure we could leverage Figma features, like Auto Layout and Variants, everywhere we could.
Product Designer / Design Systems, Ellucian
Aug 07, 2017
Launched a design system
After building a design system for the API Management business unit in Vancouver, I was tapped by the VP of Design to act as a co-lead and advisor for the creation of the CA Technologies design system Mineral UI.

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Talking about design systems
Built a Design System
Teaching about design systems
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من التجارب الجميلة في هي تجربة بناء بذرة نظام التصميم لمختلف المشاريع في الشركة
والحمدلله قرت أشارك التجربة هذه مع الخبرات والنصائح في هذا اللقاء المقدم بالتعاون مع ستوديو دال

جلسة دال | نظام التصميم لتطوير تجربة المنتجات (Design System)

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Teaching about design systems
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In this article, I share the best practices and 7 tips to create better design systems, improving the ways of working.