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Created by James Tucker, Full Stack Engineer at MainStreet
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Started an online course
I want to improve my data science skills by enrolling in a Data Science course in Datacamp. 
Started an online course
Started learning Swift for iOS Development in order to better support my native engineers as a designer.

  1. Learning the opportunities and limits of Native apps
  2. Being able to make an MVP for my side projects
  3. Speaking a developer's language when collaborating
Using Svelte
Frontend Masters
finished the #svelte course by rich harris on frontend masters 
Frontend Masters
Just finished Design for Developers by Sarah Drasner on Frontend Masters.

What an amazing course! I learned a lot about design, CSS tricks, grids, layouts and compositions, photoshop tricks, typography, image optimization, and prototyping. Can't wait to put this knowledge into practice now :)

Here's my final design from the exercises: 

That photoshop grid has come a long way :D also a big fan of all the architecture & Swiss design references.

Thank you so much for this great course!

Completed a minor in web developmet
Learned responsive web design
Learned JavaScript
Learned HTML
Learned CSS Grid
+ 3
One Year ago I decided to start distance learning in web development to gain deeper understanding of this topic during recruitment processes and completed with best marks
Coding Bootcamp Instructor
Teaching Programming
Organizing a first coding bootcamp at my former work place and teaching children about computer basics and programming in Python. Course took 5 weeks as an evening school for children age 10 to 13 years old.