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Started RXJS course on
Frontend Masters
I just completed "JavaScript: The Hard Parts, v2" by @willsentance on @FrontendMasters! 
Frontend Masters
I just completed "A Practical Guide to Algorithms with JavaScript" by @BiancaGando on @FrontendMasters! 

what I'm getting from this course
1. I know a little recursion how it works
2. I know a bit what is Memoization
3. I know what the different Binary search and Linear search
and the lecturer mentions merge sort and bubble sort
Started an online course
Started today my education on all things data and analytics with datacamp!
Oct 12, 2021
Teaching Programming
Joy of Programming
Worked on a new product where anyone can learn the basics of programming by drawing shapes. Over 2,000 students took part in our programming competition. Here's the winning sketch.

Learning Ethereum
Taught Coding
Started an online course
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Enrolled in a Ethereum and Solidity coding course on Udemy