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Improved workflows
Practised CI/CD
Improved build time
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Redesigned and improved our deployment strategy that enabled automated deployments of our apps.

Started 3 months ago
Designing a Backend System
Improving Developer Experience
Writing a New API
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Designing a collection of microservices that engineers at Qualtrics can use to identify team structure, project and resource ownership, oncall support contacts, team and project documentation, and all their dependencies across all engineering projects.
Software Development Engineer, Qualtrics
Improved site performance
Improved build time
Implemented differential serving of resources for modern and legacy browsers for hosted pages, this reduced about ~50% of the javascript bundle for modern browsers.
Aug 15, 2018
Improved build time
Built a custom website asset pipeline and deployment tool. Successfully reduced the build time by 70% for large finance websites.
Feb 19, 2021
Building developer tools
Published a CLI application to look for vulnerable API keys. Its available on npm. Check out Attack-on-Web
Released a new version
Building developer tools
Contributed to open source
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Released grunt-stylelint v0.16.0, with:

  • Drop Node 8 support (Ed Sanders)
  • Require stylelint 13.8.0, up from 13.3.2 (Ed Sanders, James D. Forrester)
  • Upgrade chalk dependency from ^3.0.0 to ^4.1.0 (Ed Sanders)
  • Pass through --fix to stylelint options (Ed Sanders)
  • README: Fix label of 'fix' option, copy-pasted as 'syntax' (i alarmed alien)

Thanks especially to i alarmed alien for their first contribution to the project!