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William Sant



Sep 18, 2021
Launched Google Ads Campaign
New business model
Starting a business
Cost per click
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Currently working on a business model for my agency where we don't use the 'flat + percentage of ad spend' model that is so widely used.

Instead, "We get paid when you get results". The amount the client pays is directly proportional to the results we provide them. 

If we are unable to reduce spend or improve metrics, we don't get paid. If we do ok, we get paid ok. If we do great, then we get paid great.

Low risk for the client, but also potentially high reward for the agency.

Left a role at Montana State University
Working at MSU was truly one of the highlights of my life and taught me that digital marketing is where I want to learn, grow, and thrive. I'll always be thankful for every incredible opportunity I had there -- even if I don't quite know the fight song! 
Digital Marketing Strategist, Montana State
Worked on Digital Marketing
Worked on the Digital Marketing team for R&B act Mario. Aids with the social media strategy and creation of assets for the rollout of EP Closer To Mars. Wrote email blasts to listeners for releases and announcements. Maintained the website and corresponded
with the advertising team.
Launched a pilot program
Proposed a Marketing Campaign Strategy
Ran a pilot program with Pocket, one of my favorite places for discovering and saving content to read later.
Social Advertising Lead, Asana
Analyzed Target Audiences
Managed social advertising
Conducted A/B Testing
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It was a pleasure to be a part of Asana's campaign which honors the resiliency of teams adapting to new ways of working: Where there's Asana, there's a way.
Started 2 months ago
Defining sales strategy
Launched a course
Built a marketing system
mentored network
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Launched the MLM Lab in November 2020, for network marketers to utilize social media and enjoy consistent sales for their teams.