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Sep 09, 2021
Job Searching
Chasing dreams
Looking for the next big challenge to work on. Coming out fresh from the #CustomerSuccess space. 

If you know someone looking for their next product designer = comment or dm 🤟

Is it time to reset my own expectations?

It might be! 

I'm researching opportunities in the #gaming industry and #metaverse space 🚀

Crazy exciting projects out there

Picked up a new hobby
Realized a Dream
I have wanted to learn how to play the drums my whole life so for my birthday, I bought myself an electronic drum set!
Setting goals
Chasing dreams
Learning AWS
Started studying for a certification
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Hello! I am both excited, curious and nervous to test out Polywork for the first time. While I was hesitant to setup a profile, I am relieved to see that this site does not seem to be driven by followers and likes. Recently I went through social media burn out and had to take a break from Instagram and Twitter. And to be honest, the last time I ever blogged was on Livejournal.

Throughout my career as a Senior Designer I was constantly focused on researching, planning, designing, and client relations while forgetting to build up my LinkedIn and document my wins (and losses). Lately I have been meaning to share my journey as a career changer but was not sure where to begin. One day an invite to Polywork popped up and I figured why not give it a shot.

I am currently chasing new dreams and have been studying Computer Networking, Infosec, and Cloud Computing. Yesterday my professor shared information on the "Get AWS Certified: Solutions Architect Challenge" so I took a leap of faith and signed up yesterday. I'm looking forward to my first AWS Power Hour on Twitch to help prepare for my first cloud certification exam.

If anyone has taken the time to read this, thanks for your patience in reading my ramblings ;) There is a good chance I will figure out how to better use Polywork and might just have to go back and edit this post at a later time.