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designed a workshop
Hosted a design workshop
Led Design Thinking Workshops
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Gave a UX/UI Design workshop for people working at UQRoo (University of Quintana Roo), Chetumal campus (Mexico)
Sep 13, 2021
Made educational video
Designed parametrically
This was a quick production, stretching some skills that I would like to continue to practice and improve.

If you're interested in parametric design for makers, check these videos out! 12 minutes total.

designed a workshop
Designed the virtual sessions for a workshop series on resilience 
Associate , Center for Creative Leadership
designed training program
Trained a group
Coached a Director
Facilitated a Design Sprint
Worked in design resarch
Facilitated ideation exercises
designed a workshop
Facilitated a retro
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GEAI Digital Climate dialogues
Designed and delivered a company training program in
  • digital facilitation 
  • design thinking 
  • design research
  • prototype 
Worked with the GEAI team and volunteers who had no prior experience of digital facilitation or design thinking to develop digital climate dialogues. The training was delivered through a design thinking process - engagement, research, project prototyping and iterating into a toolkit. Digital facilitation was taught through leading by example, coaching, action and reflection.

Gave a guest lecture
Researched training needs
designed a workshop
Delivered a workshop
Mentored Creatives
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Art of facilitation and digital praxis to Service Design MA cohort at NCAD (National College of Art and Design Ireland) 
Jul 08, 2021
customer service
Onboarded new client
It's difficult to change paths in your career. It's even more difficult to put two years of a dynamic position in a start-up into just words. It has truly been a journey learning about early start-up companies and helping recruit angel investors at the same time. 

I have learned how to manage entrepreneurs' expectations, expand their knowledge on their competitive landscape, and how to interact with customers. 

I have learned how to recruit angel investors, what buzz words work with different people, and what people are looking for in joining a community of like-minded people. 

The journey continues with me bringing these skills learned with me on my next adventure.