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With the team of 8 awesome people we just launched new product called Ayanza. Ayanza helps team to achieve their biggest visions. It have multiple features which supports you on the way such as team activities, project management(kanban, tables..), newsfeed and many more.

Check out more on https://www.ayanza.com
Launched the website
Started a new company
Now we can start to find collabrators and test-customers.
CEO, wiasano OG
Founded a new company
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My public statement about the renaming of our company:

We felt the name Scalytics was somewhat misleading. The name made statements about the company that linked us to operations, and not to our core mission: Federated Data and AI. Blossom is a middleware data platform sitting between existing (and future) platforms, technologies and users, combining multiple data lakes and lake houses into one united AI and Analytics platform; for the first time in the history of BigData Blossom truly breaks silos. Databloom's Blossom is a viable approach not just for large data crunching companies, but for everybody who sits on large data silos in different locations, even data privacy legislations.
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During an internal Hackathon I came up with an idea on how to automate some of our company's troubleshooting flows for our broadband customers with Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning. This idea was the winning concept and hack during the hackathon and woke some interest in our business to continue working on this concept.
Software Engineer, Telia
Aug 31, 2021
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Salt has handled $104,000+ of gross sales across 800+ transactions!
Co-CEO & Co-Founder, Salt Software, Inc.
Started about 1 hour ago
Starting a new company
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I'm working on a blockchain project focused on commercial real estate. I first conceived of this in late 2017 but ultimately concluded the current technology was too immature. Now that L2s are getting traction, I think 2022 may be the time to put it into action.

You can access the original business plan here.

It's a little out of date in some respects, but the core concept is still valid.