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Final Year Project
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Week 04 of Final Year. I picked what I'll be working on during my final year of Interaction Design and I'll be posting my process and progress on my Notion Blog 🔥
You can have a nosey here -> Jasmin Winiarski's Final Year Blog
Launched a new website
Started a new project
I - like so many others - have an autoimmune disease and have had it for the last 13 years. This project is a straight-up play to build an audience that is in a similar position to me, with the key metrics I'm looking to drive being emails, youtube subscribers, and web traffic. Yep, I'm an influencer now. At least until I can find a more suitable money model.

  • Website up after a month or so of work. 
  • Focus now is to producing content to start getting an initial database of content up; videos, posts, images etc
  • Videos also needed to start growing Youtube subs. Have filmed a couple of test videos so just need to do the post-production and get these up for feedback.

Launched a new product
The day the pandemic hit us we started to ask what can we do to help. Our roadmap had us launching a groceries product in 2021, but we knew the time was now. In 30 days we built out GoGo Groceries and on April 15th launched it to the public. We're honored to support out clients in any way we can, it's a mission that keeps us coming back every day: https://gogograndparent.com
Launched a new product
GoGo is now excited to add meal management for folks with age related dietary restrictions or preferences to our roster of solutions for our clients. In 2019, 5.2mm people over the age of 65 faced hunger at least once during the year. We're here to help. https://gogograndparent.com 

Justin Boogaard


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Apr 30, 2016
Founded a new company
Grandma's friends told their friends and now here we are: https://gogograndparent.com 👵🚀
Founded a new company
Glad to add this to my timeline, cheers Pawel 🚀
Co-founder & Head of Tech & Ops, WAYF