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Mar 01, 2018
Filmed a video
Edited a video Word of the Day Video Series
Through my Producer role at Benzinga, I ideated, pitched, and executed on a video treatment for their Word of the Day series. 
Edited a video
Managed a project
Produced the Live Stream for SpaceX launches
+ 1
Worked with Elon Musk to edit a music video celebrating SpaceX's first successful Falcon 1 launch.
Technologist, SpaceX
Created an Animated Story
Animated a 2d Short Film
Edited a video
Created a digital illustration
Wrote a script
Finished a personal project
+ 4
Después de terminar mi primer ciclo de Animación Digital, hice este corto. Mi primera animación 2D, llamada Lila, trata acerca del miedo a la oscuridad y la luna, la cual cuando aparece puede quitarnos todo el miedo con su luz y emocionarnos con su belleza.

Pueden verlo AQUÍ y espero que les guste!
Released a short film
Released a short film on Youtube and Instagram.


Learnt a lot from this project.
I used Film Crux for SFX and ProductionCrate for SFX+VFX.  
Edited a video
Edited Dr. Wendy Wagner Robeson Interview on Childcare During the Pandemic
Created a logo animation
Edited a video

Logo Animation

Created a logo Animation for PhileDaphine Jewelry.

Full case study on 👉 Behance