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Oct 07, 2021
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Here at #Finansia we handpick fintech news for curation and understandable for the layman.
Lex Sokolin once wrote ~ "You should be out partying! Or rather, you should be inside, partying. I guess reading the Blueprint is your version of inside-partying. And writing it is *our” version of inside-partying."

Well, curating is Finansia version of inside-partying.
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Sep 14, 2021
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A friendly branding*for @espressolabmx ☕️

“Un café hecho con propósito”

I really enjoyed work on this project because coffee is the best and illustration too, so coffee + illustration is so damn good 😮‍💨🔥💖
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I made these illustrations stamps in covid time, to share with de loving ones from your bed to their bed. 💗
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A few things that cats teach me 💛
1. Boundaries.
2. Stretch as a way to say thank you to my back.
3. Ask for food and also for what I need.
4. Take time to rest.
5. Let it go. I forgive you.
6. Just exist and be ok with that, I’m beautiful and I’m alive so go to eat that new plant that my mom bought.

Serena Pretti



Sep 07, 2021
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I'm super excited to be here on Polywork! 
"Life is a combination of magic and anxiety" is my motto! 
Can wait to connect with you all! 
Sep 03, 2021
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BNPL is in fact credit-based, as there has been a large misconception surrounding BNPL, in that it is not based on credit at all. However, BNPL is an interest free form of credit. It is essentially merchant funded credit. In the same way they will pay a fee to allow their customers to use a credit card or a payment platform, they will pay a fee to BNPL platform, to give those who choose to use it, the flexibility to defer payments or pay in instalments. ~ Alex Marsh

Buy now, pay later has both sides of the coin

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