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Nov 30, 2021
Launched a New Site
Migrated a site to Sitecore
This day has been a long time coming!  We have completed the migration of to Sitecore. This means that now all our websites have been migrated. 

Nov 30, 2021
Raised an Angel Round
I'm thrilled to announce that Salsh has raised $60,000! During the angel round, Salsh is an Indie Video Gaming Studio, Developing narrative-driven independent games. I'll update the project's details within a few days. 

As with any startup, we've been through a lot, and it would not have been possible without my team, so thank you.

Khuram, Rameez, Afaq, Ameeque, Anita, Anam, Aneeq, Suniel, Shan, Nouman and Anil

Started 33 minutes ago
Building a startup
Starting a new company

The inception of #savage.

keep an eye out for this one...

A few months ago i stumbled across a gap in the dating app world, crunched some numbers, analysed what I could potentially build/offer in a dating app of my own and really brainstorm hard on how we could essentially "poach" users from the other platforms...what a mission!

After a solid 3 months, our feature list is insane, or is it....why aren't the big dating apps using these features? why haven't these basic features been included? they're literally a no-brainer!

We decided to test against real-world scenarios and get ourselves a user-group/control-group to focus on whether or not they would use or would benefit from these astounding "YES, WHY DOES THIS NOT ALREADY EXIST" became the norm.

Features that are not on any other dating app: 7
Features that may have a big impact: 2
Deciding to build all 7 features anyway: priceless risky but worth every minute.

Yep, I'm potentially risking investing ~300 hours of dev work & research in order to prove this can work :D.

And just like that, we're building the full app, in fact, let's aim to launch it on valentines day, :P

p.s. sorry if you big dating app legends lose a few users, we promise they won't be back <3

p.p.s bootstrapping over christmas, always keen to collab, hit me up if this is up your alley, i definitely need help in the devops space.
Nov 24, 2021
Designed Wireframes
Working on startup
Shuffled the layout of the website wireframes for the 100th time in a month.
Probably having higher standards than I should at this point
Trying to find that 'good enough'
Deployed a new project
My coworkers at Trendyol Systems Team just released our infrastructure metrics! Have a look at
Associate System Administrator, Trendyol
First customers
Today I got my first paid customer!