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Launched the website
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We launched our brand new website

Our waitlist is live to get priority access to the app.

Check it out!!!
Created a 3D Animation
Created Animation
Built UI components
Built a feature
Streamed live
Started a live stream
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Live-streamed the start of creating a 3D button for the Hashnode challenge 🚀
Co-founded a company
Directed a creative roll out
Refined a Product Roadmap
Collaborated on a project
Produced a Media Collaboration
Managed a project
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In early 2020 I help co-found a production agency. Although I am no longer there I am still very much proud of what I helped to build. 

Here's a photo in collaboration with photographer Hayley Fisk. 
Co-founder, Dillie Group
Volunteered as a Community Manager
Founded a charity
Designed a website
Defined a Product Strategy
Volunteered with Nunhead Knocks
Designed Print Materials
Managed a project
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Neighbours supporting neighbours through Covid-19

Founded Nunhead Knocks alongside Community Activist and Green Party MP, Claire Sheppard. 
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Building something new
Designing a Backend System
Used Terraform
Used Kubernetes
Used Azure
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Switched a project and currently helping client to design and build a new system to manage location sensitive objects for insurance purposes.
Senior Solutions Architect, C.T.Co
Built something new
Developed Web App
Launched a product
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Launched COVID-19 Help Hub

Digital platform to help users find CDC recommendations, at home COVID tests, online physicians, online mental health, and more.