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Partner, Mutoal Future
Dec 15, 2021
My previous employer becomes a client of my new business.
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Product Management & DevRel , The @ Company
Started about 4 hours ago
What are the roadmaps for students to break into Product Management? How big of an Impact does a PM make?

Join Tristan Pennicott, Product Manager @ IBM Cloud answering these questions and sharing roadmaps for aspiring PMs to break into Product.

Tune in and Listen Here:

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CEO and co-founder, Databloom
May 24, 2022 listed under the top 10 Federated AI companies worldwide.
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Founder, Sundial
Jul 10, 2015
Launched & Funded a sustainable animal feed company using ag robots and insects.

Read about it in Modern Farmer.
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Founder, Sundial
Nov 14, 2012
Launched a global art project.

The COLORBOX Project used fabric art to tell stories about the human experience. The project also debuted a novel stacking method to reveal the color ethnography embedded in our day-to-day mindset.

Read about what we can learn from color theory and our daily self-expression here on Medium. 
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Founder, Sundial
May 15, 2008
Built a software + service fintech company.

Sweet Spot was a network-focused dossier builder for business development leaders in global-scale banks.  In 2008, it was early "fintech" and eventually merged with  company in the sector.

Watch our old commercial on Vimeo. 
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