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Started a new freelance role
Started working with Neopolis (mobile game studio) on talent & people projects!
Sep 18, 2021
Completed a contract
Built an email list
Populated contact database
Gathered tech investors via AngelList
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The client ended the contract on Upwork today which started in 2017.

Project description: the client needs a list of tech investors in the US.

The process of collection was in all states but the search algorithm of wasn't that adaptive as how I want it to be, it has a search result limit. And so I proposed to gather by location then narrow it down by market to get those active tech investors.

I was able to get 2,000 active Tech Investors from the United States, more from California & New York, and the rest were from the other states. Attached is how the data pull looked like.

This project was paid by milestones, received 4 milestones in total.
Aug 01, 2010
Started a new freelance role
Freelanced building webpages through college.
Nov 01, 2020
Started a new freelance role
Launched a new website
My first freelance gig as a developer. Designed and created the TalentTO website.
Apr 29, 2020
Ended a job
Ended support and development for GarfieldBOT
Jan 01, 2021
Founded a new company
Went freelance
Started consulting as a freelancer with Crecerc.

Accountability: Consulting, acquire new customers, designing the website, blogging, and everything else a founder does.

Achievements: Even though this is a very new business, I was able to acquire my first customers and started my first ever blog. I am also planning to write my own free whitepapers and an ebook. You will find the links, when they are ready, right here :)