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Nov 20, 2017
Redesigned a website
Front-end developer
Worked as a freelancer
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End-to-end website develop

I worked as a freelancer on a UI/UX project for a Clinic of Ophthalmology project, with eight units serving all regions of São Paulo and ABC. Using the previous project as a base, I mapped the structure of the site and the complexity of information pages, links and files. With the presentation areas of the types of exams taken, surgeries, agreements, units, contact and blogging area, I was able to explore different skills and learn more about remote work and complex delivery contexts. The project took about 5 months to complete, and I had a project manager and the responsible for the technology area supporting me, but all the research, development and publication of the project was done by me.
Started a new freelance role
I have been accepted as a Volunteer Mentor with
Started a new contract
Excited to take on my first consulting gig since early 2019.
May 01, 2015
Populated contact database
Built an email list
Freelanced with Kalo
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One of the first projects I worked on with Kalo (Lystable) was gathering the best of best freelancers in different niches.

- Animators, Designers (UX/UI/Product/Web), Copywriters, Brand Managers, Writers, Producers, Art Directors, Creative Directors, Fashion Stylist, Photographers, and more...

The most challenging batch was Translators. Tried using different directories, most helpful was TranslatorsCafe and Proz.

Lead Generation Specialist, Kalo

Shira Sepida


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Mar 24, 2020
Freelanced with COYA Partners
Converted PNG to Excel
Project: They have around 100 images that need to transfer to an excel file.

Goal: Convert it to a startup companies database.

Help needed: a data entry job, fastest typing, ideally fast turnaround

While briefing for this task, it was overwhelming to think how can I deliverable this project with grace. Searching for a tool that may help was just a 'whatever Google may give me' thing. Glad I search for it and found Capture Text of Snagit.

I have been using Snagit since 2013 for screen recording. Perks of having licensed software, I just have to pay a little to upgrade for Snagit 2020 than actual price of it.

Grab text feature is such a big help. Instead of a more than a 1-week job, it only takes less than 5 hours of work.

Software feedback: not as 100% accurate or can really capture text, still needs human accuracy especially on ampersand, typos are present. Still needs attention to detail.
Built for humans
Shipped a side project
Freelancer friendly
Released open source project
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Along with some fellow freelancers we launched HumansTXT, an initiative to find out the people behind a website.
It's a .txt file that contains information about the different people who have contributed to building the website.