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Virtual cat
Projeto de um "gatinho virtual" no estilo tamagochi desenvolvido apenas com HTML, CSS e javascript.
É com certeza o primeiro projeto web que eu desenvovi que tenho orgulho de mostrar pra todo mundo.
Ah, e esse projeto está disponível no Github Pages. Você pode acessá-lo clicando aqui.
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Wrote design specs
I introduced support for Server-side rendering in React InstantSearch Hooks.

These new server APIs let you render your search app on the server, and then make it interactive on the browser.

(Server-side rendering improves performance and SEO.)

Check it out on GitHub.
Published an NPM Package
Created an NPM package called react-cursors 

react-cursors is a package that enables you to add highly customizable cursors to your site

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Jan 06, 2022
Released a new feature
Released my first legitimate feature on Polywork! You can now share profiles and highlights to social 🎉
Started learning React
Taking Lessons from Codecademy
I've started taking the ReactJS course on Codecademy during the break to broaden my skill pool and experiment with other JS frameworks. I'm used to Vue, so I find React very interesting. JSX is surprisingly intuitive and fun to use. I'm looking forward to continuing to learn!
Published a blog post
Explored Chrome dev tools
Measure User Flows with Chrome’s (v97) Recorder  

  •  Automate your GTM events 
  •  Export to Puppeteer your records