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Nov 20, 2017
Redesigned a website
Front-end developer
Worked as a freelancer
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End-to-end website develop

I worked as a freelancer on a UI/UX project for a Clinic of Ophthalmology project, with eight units serving all regions of São Paulo and ABC. Using the previous project as a base, I mapped the structure of the site and the complexity of information pages, links and files. With the presentation areas of the types of exams taken, surgeries, agreements, units, contact and blogging area, I was able to explore different skills and learn more about remote work and complex delivery contexts. The project took about 5 months to complete, and I had a project manager and the responsible for the technology area supporting me, but all the research, development and publication of the project was done by me.
Sep 03, 2017
Front-end developer
Started My Career As A Front-End Developer
Coded a website
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Responsive institutional website I've developed for a Real Estate Insurance Assessor, which is customer to the agency I work at.  Webdesign was done by a colleague on the team.

I've added some simple animation to the project to create a smooth scrolling experience.
Started about 1 hour ago
Taking Lessons from Codecademy
Purchased Codecademy Pro, and I'm planning on studying all the things I've wanted to learn over the last few years, but haven't because university was my priority.
Studied React
Taking Lessons from Codecademy
Finished the React course on Codecademy. Learned a lot about things like lifecycle and hooks, and also different design patterns when creating and using components. Onto the next course!