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Started an internship at Cokato
Worked front-end
I got another opportunity, and this time as an intern, but in the development area. The internship was as a front-end developer, where I worked creating and maintaining websites, and also building an interface for a new web application for the company. I messed a lot with the front set, boostrap, and jquery.
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CSS Experiments 3: Abstract Grid Cover

Code pen:

Learning by going through a collection of pinned layouts. This is an abstract layout from a magazine (
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CSS Experiment 2: CSS Grid + Flexbox

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Practicing CSS grid and flexbox. Used a page from the book "Page Design: New Layout & Editorial Design" by Promopress ( that reference the work of Linus Lohoff (
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CSS Experiment 1: Learning CSS grids and multi-columns.

Code Pen:

I've been practicing what I've been learning about grids and multi-columns from a few blog posts (Smashing, every-layout, Jen Simmons and CSS Workshop). 

Design is from Rane IL magazine:
Hiring a Front-End Developer
Come work with me! 

iamota is hiring a Junior Front-End Developer who has an interest in Shopify.

Find out more here:

And feel free to ask me questions about the job.
Sep 14, 2021
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Started a new job
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YAY! I am now officially a Data Analyst for the Scott Coopersmith Stroke Awareness Foundation! Now to help our organization optimize our growth and impact!