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Created an SVG animation
SVG art inspired by anime, my time living in Japan and an SVG animation workshop, taught by Cassie Evans.
Learned SASS
Used Sass
Few days back, i got the taste of SASS when i accidentally watched "Sass in 100 seconds" and it got me mind blown. I knew about the power of Sass but was reluctant to use it as it required additional setup for bundlers to compile.

Now since i use Vite, Sass easy easy to setup, so i got to use it straight away into my shopping cart project. I refactored my CSS code into SCSS two days after watching that video and felt very satisfied about it.
Oct 08, 2021
Frontend evelopment
I'm super excited to check out Polywork😎
Learnt Vue.js
Started learning Frontend Dev in Vue.js at Desafío Latam
Wrote code
Created an SVG animation
Designed illustrations
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I made this cute SVG Camera (inspired by a Leica M6) and animated it with GSAP.
Started a new job
Started a new company
Learnt Vue.js
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Excited to start a new job as a Researcher at CENTRIC
Researcher (Developer), CENTRIC