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Created by Chris Cairns, Senior Front End Developer at Cabinet C
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Learnt Vue.js
Started learning Frontend Dev in Vue.js at Desafío Latam
Wrote code
Created an SVG animation
Designed illustrations
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I made this cute SVG Camera (inspired by a Leica M6) and animated it with GSAP.
Started a new job
Started a new company
Learnt Vue.js
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Excited to start a new job as a Researcher at CENTRIC
Researcher (Developer), CENTRIC
Jun 16, 2021
Learned Bootstrap
Learned SASS
Learned React
Learned Redux
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Front End Development Libraries

🏆 Issued by freeCodeCamp

In this Certification, I learned how to style websites quickly applying mobile-first approach using Bootstrap, add logic to CSS styles and extend them with SASS, create powerful Single Page Applications (SPAs) with React and Redux for building reusable, component-driven user interfaces and share data across different components.

Finally, I build 5 projects to put these skills, principles and concepts to work.

  •  Random Quote Machine
  •  Markdown Previewer
  •  Drum Machine
  •  JavaScript Calculator
  •  25 + 5 Clock
Job Searching
Software Engineering
Frontend evelopment
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Putting all of my energy on job searching this time! I want a full time dev job!!😌😌
Started a new job
Learnt Shopify
Started a new job as a Frontend Developer for Ask Phill, an Amsterdam-based Company focused on Shopify and Headless e-commerce.
Frontend Developer, Ask Phill