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Completed an online course
Completed an online course on 'Product Masterclass: How to build digital products' by Product School.

This course focuses on building digital products from the prominent minds of Netflix, Quora, Samsung, Dropbox, Adobe, eBay, Masterclass, and Coalition.

Insights and highlights from the course:
- Product marketing and management
- Building and breaking software monopolies
- Branding for developers
- Prioritizing while developing a new feature
- Overcoming cognitive bias
- Building successful digital health products
- Key biases in products and how to avoid them
Learning Front End Development
I've finished my second Frontend Mentor challenge. ✌️

Blog post:

Completed an online course
Just completed the assessment for IBM Blockchain Foundations Developer on Cognitive Class

Completed an online course
Just completed my first certificate in Blockchain Essentials through IBM Cognitive Class

Completed an online course
I just completed the Modern JavaScript course from ExecuteProgram. I already used JS many times in the last years, but it was the first time I choose to learn it seriously. This course mainly reviewed basic stuff, but I learnt interesting things about generators, iterators and symbols. 🙂
Completed an online course
Completed a Udemy course on Golang, React and TypeScript Full-Stack Development, application includes authentication and CRUD functionality.


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