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Oct 25, 2021
Participated in a game jam
Just submitted an entry to the VR SuperJam with a few hours to spare: phew, was fun.
Sep 01, 2021
Participated in a game jam
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Created an NFT
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Need to Find the Tribbles is a tiny HTML5 dapp & game for finding NFT tribbles & creating your own tribbles, built for the 2021 js13k games competition and deployed on the NEAR Protocol testnet.

The final code bundle was 12,650 bytes, coming in 662 bytes under the 13k limit (although this excludes the decentralized assets, like NFT images & metadata)!

It features:
  • 10,048 unique NFT tribble characters
  • Smart contract to mint new NFTs and claim unowned NFTs
  • Procedurally generated background form a seeded PRNG
  • A "dressing room" to build your own tribble images with items found in game
  • Extra space-themed API content from NASA and Rick & Morty
  • Decentralized IPFS storage of NFT metadata on nft .storage

Try it out at:
Aug 31, 2021
Participated in a game jam
Built a game
FRONTIERS is a tiny HTML5 Canvas game of resource management and "progress," built for the 2021 js13k games competition.

The final code bundle was 13,134 bytes, coming in 178 bytes under the 13k limit!

It features:
  • Diverse, randomly generated characters
  • Custom art, design, and music
  • Coil Web monetization granting extra character features & resource bonuses for subscribers.

Try it out at:
Sep 12, 2021
Participated in a game jam
Created a Game
Me with my friends took part in a DaftMobile gameJam. In 40 hours we've created an online game for 3 players.

We won the 3rd place in the contest.
Apr 07, 2021
Created an Augmented Reality app
Participated in a game jam
Participated in a 24 hour game jam and made this AR game. 
Published a game
Designed a video game
Participated in a game jam
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Myself and a friend released "Unorthodox Fuel Obtention" today! It's a silly, fun, high-score  based, arena shooter that was made from beginning to end (GFX, SFX, music and code!) within a 2 week timeframe, mainly working a few hours each evening. The game was made as part of the "Opera GX GameMaker Game Jam".

The rules were simple:
  1. permit two players
  2. make it a high-score chaser
  3. don't use any online features
  4. and use UFO as the theme.
Top prize is $10000 - which is nice - and the winning game will become the Opera GX browser offline game, much like the dinosaur game in Chrome. Now THAT makes the $10000 seem less important! Especially when you realise that Opera will be helping polish the winning entry which will then be played by millions of people...

I'm quite proud of it as a "proof of concept" and it has all the details that we wanted to include, although it requires a LOT of polish and balance tweaking still!!!! Let's hope that Opera can see the potential in it... :)