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Aug 05, 2021
Wrote code
Wrote CSS
Learnt CSS
Used Git
Used Github
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Did some website touch ups and additions to the footer. Getting more comfortable with #css and responsiveness.

Will spend the rest of the day packing for vacation, getting my repos/environments updated on my laptop and watching some tech videos on YouTube.

17/100 #100DaysOfCode
Oct 29, 2014
Used Git
First Git commit on my first Java project. Before discovering Git, I worked on this for over a year, and even had a package named `legacy`. I like to believe I've learned quite a bit since then. Well, at least I'm not reinventing so many things anymore.

It took me a little more than half a year more to find out about GitHub and put it up there (yes I actually dug up an old GitHub confirmation email to find that).
Used Jamstack
Used Netlify
Used Cloud
Used Git
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Status: ✔Completed
Project: Curating Momentz Static Website. About: Curating Momentz are a Wedding & Event Planners based in India.
Project URL:
Web And Cloud Infrastructure Developer, Freelance Developer
Used Laravel
Used Git
Used Docker
Used Automation
Used Cloud
Used Digital Ocean Infrastructure
Used Cloudflare
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Project: Nayantara Shipping Ferry Booking Portal.

Web And Cloud Infrastructure Developer, Freelance Developer
Mentored someone
Shared knowledge
Used Docker
Used Docker-Compose
Used Git
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Held knowledge sharing sessions about Docker and Git during Citi 4-week bootcamp for potential new employees in their New York office
Lead Software Engineer, Neueda
Learnt HTML
Learned CSS
Learned Git
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Completed Responsive Web Design developer certification from 
Learnt: HTML, CSS