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Oct 07, 2021
Started a masters degree
My 1 year break from studies turned into a 10 year break.
Sep 27, 2021
Started a masters degree
Studied a Master's at University of Cambridge
Started a part-time Master's in AI Ethics and Society at the University of Cambridge
Master's Student - AI and Ethics, University of Cambridge

Joey Wong



Sep 21, 2021
Started a masters degree
I'm excited to start the Master of Digital Media at the Centre of Digital Media in Vancouver, Canada!
Started a masters degree
Máster en Analítica Digital por KSCHOOL (2021-2022)
Sep 10, 2021
Product Managment
Started a masters degree
Left a role at NTT DATA DACH
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As I commence my Product Management journey I have come to the realisation that this point in my life is the least I will ever know about product management for the rest of my life. There is bliss and excitement knowing that the only way is up.
Started a masters degree
Excited to pursue a Masters in Information and Data Science at University of California Berkeley 📚