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Bye 2021, Hello 2022
Personal growth
Started a new job
Founded a Start-Up
Got a dog
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As I mentioned yesterday, I wrote a summary of my year 2021. There were some big ups and downs. My "summary" turned into a little bit more than an one-pager. Somehow I felt it was necessary for my personal self to write it all down.

2021 was a wonderful year full of joy and above all personal development. But it was also a terrible year full of losses, frustration and bad luck. At one point I almost lost faith. Our funding round had been going on for 2 years, we hadn't been able to pay salaries for a long time, and being one of the co-founders, I was really all-in. At some point I couldn't afford my own food. It felt like all I ate for months was rice soup . Called it super soup.

But one thing I can tell you now is, that with the right friends, the right family and espacially the will to achieve great things, you can accomplish anything you want at any point in your life.

For me, 2021 was very hard, but necessary to become the person I wanted to be. Thank you for everything! 

Never thought the year would end like this:
  • Reduced my work in the first start-up (really one of the most difficult steps i have ever taken).
  • But still part of it as something like a "consultant"

  • Got an executive position in a fitness academy 500km away -> moved
  • Got the opportunity to participate in the academy -> took it

  • Had time now to dedicate to personal growth
  • My relationship improved tremendously
  • My personal life recovered
  • Got a new family member (dog)
  • My body became fitter than before

  • Had time to create my own startup together with Nina
  • Got the first funding
  • Are in the process of completing the prototype
Everything changed when I made the decision to stop being a victim and make a change.

So, let's rock 2022 together!

(By the way: The view from our new terrace - I am so grateful for it)
Christmas present
Finished a Mindvalley quest
Personal growth
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Spend some days at home with my family. Nice to see how a kid (my nephew) can change a whole family. Through him we are stronger and there is so much more love in each one of us.

Best Christmas since...ever.

Also used some time to work on wiasano and my "3 important questions" - sheet. 

Personal growth
Sometimes I forget to be happy because I think too much about future successes. Then I have to remember all the great things I achieved last year. That should be the reason to be happy, not some vision of the future. 

Don't get me wrong. Having a vision is very important, but it should not be the reason for your happiness.
Personal growth
There is a reason why the hour between 5am and 6am is called "the golden hour".

"own your morning, elevate your live" - the Spellbinder
Personal growth
Finished a Mindvalley quest
Just started the "Be extraordinary Camp" a second time with Vishen Lakhiani. 

First thing he wants me to do is to find my moment of awakening. The moment where you realize that life isn't just happening to you.

For me it was the time i met my girlfriend. She showed me that there are brules (bullsh** rules) all around us and that i have the power to make a change. This was the moment my current life started. I guess sometimes you need a wingman (or a wingwoman) to manage lifes challenges.
Installed a new hydropower plant
Personal growth
What a ride.
It took over 4 years but now the first plug and play hydropower plant has been installed in #Austria.

It's called doro-c.

No major concrete work. Only a minimal ecological footprint. More than 200,000 kWh per year. highly standardized, prefabricated and ready for power generation.