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Working on midNight hackathon
I participated in a few Hackathons in the last couple of months and honestly, I learned how to learn new things in a short period and implement them in solving real-world problems and overcome the fear of presenting my creation in front of other experienced people.
Nov 15, 2021
Won a prize in a hackathon
Hackathon Attendee
Won a hackathon
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Received swags from Xylem besides of the prize for receiving the 3rd prize at Xylem REACH Ignite Hackathon 2021(College track). Our project was a game to alert people about water usage. So happy to get teammates like Bailey Luu, Ashwin Kumar Uppala and Aditya Arpan Sahoo. 
The support and response from organizers were great. There was a unique feedback system arranged by them. A team meeting was scheduled after discussing our different timezones. The whole experience was great.
Attended hackathon
Built a Machine Learning Model
Attended HackFit Hackathon Conducted by Major League Hacking.
Built a project to diagnose diabetes. I worked on ideation and building machine learning models. I trained 5 machine learning models and save the one which gave maximum accuracy.

Nov 07, 2021
Working on midNight hackathon
Working on a cool project for mid-night hacks
Joined Girl Develop It Hackathon
Started attending Hackathons
I joined my first Hackathon to improve my coding and connect with others. I'm especially excited that this is my first Hackathon for a couple of reasons. One, they run this specifically to help new programmers learn and get a portfolio project. Two, as this is being run by Girl Develop It, the participants are largely (if not entirely) femme and non-binary persons.

I'm excited, and can't wait for the kickoff event on Nov 10th!
Won a hackathon
Hackathon Attendee
We made Adventure Addict this weekend at HackUMBC. And thanks to the judges and mlh for choosing our project as 1st runner up.
Adventure Addict lets you scroll through posts made by other users on the site. Based on the posts you view and like, Adventure Addict recommends new posts tailored to your interests.
Adventure Addict also lets you create your own projects with its clean and easy-to-use interface. The speed at which you can create your own adventure game is unequaled.
Link to the project: https://devpost.com/software/adventure-addict