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Went backpacking
Me feet didn't hurt!
Went backpacking
Amazing trip in the Wind Rivers that ended in a with a surprise exit...

Tris Revill


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Feb 01, 2018
Backpacked around South East Asia with a 6 Month Old
Went backpacking
One of the most interesting challenges over the last few years has been to become parents.

But thats not enough for us

Because my wife and I both like a good challenge. We decided to take it a step up and go traveling for 6 months around Asia. From the luxury shopping malls of singapore to exploring the hidden temples of Ankor Wat. 

I never wrote enough about it

But we have some great stories to tell about it, and amazing memories. 

Climbed a Mountain
Nice climbing to Mount Menna ( 2300m )

Jun 20, 2021
Hiked a Trail
Hiked Driveway Butte — 3000' of elevation over 4 miles 😅
Jun 26, 2021
Hiked in the Alps
Via Alpina #7: Finished a 12h hike from Altdorf to Engelberg over the Surenenpass in the Swiss alps. 2000 m up & 1500m down.
May 21, 2018
Hiked Rainbow Mountain
Filmed a video
Traveled to Peru
Published a YouTube video
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Hiking Rainbow Mountain in Peru was one of the biggest physical accomplishments of my life. Spiritual as well -- (Hot Take) I felt that Rainbow Mountain was even more spiritual than visiting Machu Picchu was since there were less tourists!

You can water our entire hiking adventure :: HERE
FULL Peru Playlist :: HERE