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Built a smart light
Tonight I built my first smart light by combining an ESP8266 controller with a strip of WS2812B LEDs. The controller came preloaded with Tasmota so integration into Home Assistant was a snap. That said, it was supposed to have been loaded with WLED and I plan on converting it this week.

The purpose of this build is to add backlighting to my center monitor which, in turn, will help brighten up its corner of the room.

Switching to WLED went perfectly and the light works great now!
Jul 03, 2021
Updated my smart home
Automated IOT devices
Automated a full 3 scenes for my basement, that are extremely tailored to my needs, and added them as buttons to a mobile app, exposed to both Alexa and Siri.

For example "Game time" scene is:
  • Turning on the TV, PC and Soundbar
  • Switching the picture mode on the TV to "game" (fast response)
  • Switches the soundbard input to the desktop HDMI one
  • Switches the sound mode on the Soundbar to Entertainment
  • Starts Steam in Big Picture mode 
And Movie time:
  • Turns on the TV, Apple TV, Soundbar
  • Switches TV and Soundbar inputs to Apple TV
  • Switches Soundbar to Movie preset and Dolby Atmos
The amount of customization Home Assistance allows is mind-blowing, but adding to that the power of Node Red is like a super power. 

The cross ecoystem ability of all of this, means I'm not locked in to one ecosystem of Amazon/Apple/Google.

This replaces for me 3 separate remote controls with TONS of different buttons to remember to press, inputs to memorize and muscle memory.