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Corinna Haas



Sep 23, 2021
Founded a Startup
Started a new role at inga.
Created a social media recruiting tool
Built a team of 12
People person
Designed a Chatbot
Changed the World of Recruiting
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Providing social media Recruiting automation via Chatbots to free up time for qualitative HR work 🤖🗣👂
Co-Founder & CEO, inga.
Jan 06, 2019
Lead Performance Management
Partnered with Senior Management
Wenn die Mitarbeiter sich weiter entwickeln, dann entwickelt sich auch das Unternehmen weiter.

When employees grow the company grows. 

Silvia Toth



Aug 21, 2021
Joined an Early Adopter Program
Hire for attitude, train for skills
Lead by example
People person
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Ich freue mich an Early Adopter Program dabei zu sein und das ganze zu testen. Die Idee gefällt mir sehr gut - Menschen sind viel mehr als nur ihre Lebensläufe - ich stimme 100% zu 👏
Ich freue mich, Polywork mit euch zu entdecken.


I am happy to be part of the Early Adopter Program and test every feature.
I find this idea great - People are so much more than their resumes - I agree 100% 👏

Very happy to discover Polywork with you all. 
Joined an Early Adopter Program
Hiring HR Generalist
Still figuring things out, but excited to be on Polywork! 🎉 

P.s. I'm about to start hiring a People Assistant in my team, for anyone who knows someone!
Launched a Parental Leave Policy

We launched a formal Parental Leave Policy!  🍼

The policy is designed to support all parents equally using diversity, equity & inclusion best practices. We're developing new supports every day, including:

  • Work Allocation Plan instructions & template
  • Guide for managers & colleagues of someone going on parental leave
  • Other quick tips, reference docs, and templates
Director of Finance, ThinkData Works