Imposter Syndrome

Created by Aurélie Vache, DevRel at OVHcloud
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Jun 05, 2021
Shared my experience with imposter syndrome
You are a perfect software engineer, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 🔰
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Spoke out about imposter syndrome at WPCampus

Have you been faking it this whole time? Yeah, me too. In this session we’re going to have a heart to heart about what it’s like to experience imposter syndrome and what leads us to put unending pressure on ourselves to achieve. We’ll talk about growing up, entering the workforce and the challenges imposters face in their careers.

And if you’re not an imposter, that’s okay too, because we’ll also talk about ways to create environments that encourage everyone to contribute and take risks. The causes of these feelings are complex and widespread, and there is no simple way to get rid of them. But we can take steps to help everyone become more comfortable with what they don’t know so we don’t leave the smartest people in the room behind.

Presented at WPCampus 2017.

UX & Product Design Lead, Boston University
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Shared my experience with imposter syndrome
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Battles of an Impostor

Gave my first conference talk as the Locknote at DDD Sydney.