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Today at HashiConf Europe, HashiCorp announced three major UX enhancements to help Terraform Cloud users understand workspace configurations, simplify module consumption, and integrate existing tools into the Terraform Cloud workflow, all designed by my team.
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Made Inertia.js SSR (server-side-rendering) available in *early access* to sponsors of the project.

It already works in Vue 2, Vue 3, React, and we're working on Svelte support as well.

Server-side rendering (SSR) - Inertia.js (
Maintainer, Inertia.js
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Finished working on and shipped the new <inertia-head> component.

This makes it super easy to set <title>, <meta> and other <head> elements from within your page components. ✨

(It's also compatible with the upcoming Inertia SSR update 👌)

Full documentation can be found here
Maintainer, Inertia.js
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Finished and shipped the Inertia.js (core) TypeScript conversion.

inertia@0.9.0 - Inertia.js (
Maintainer, Inertia.js