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Learned AWS Infinidash
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AWS Infinidash is a cloud service for data science. It is a modern, scalable, and extensible data science platform that includes over 30,000 of the world's most popular data science models and tools. These include the most popular machine learning libraries, as well as data science and machine learning frameworks. AWS Infinidash is fully managed behind the scenes of AWS and includes powerful tooling that enables you to build and deploy your own data science pipelines.

I finished the project using AWS Infinidash and generated the Cloud Formation template. This is not an automated solution, but I hope this can help someone looking for a solution in this case.

To this end, I'm using AWS AMI and using a .NET Core application.

All of this happened just in time for this summer, so I was really looking forward to this. I hope this is useful for someone in the future.

I'm using both .NET Core 1.0.3 and .NET Core 1.1.3 in my project, and I'm planning to use .NET Standard instead of .NET Core, especially to support the Azure VMs.

I'm using the Amazon Web Services C# SDK, so I'm using the AWS SDK. I am the founder of the blog: I also have a free version of Azure resources, which support a .NET Standard. Please use it.

As you can see, I can choose between CloudFormation and Azure resources as I want to add more platforms to the solution.

I'm using AWS API Gateway for the HTTP and HTTPS requests at the same time.