Infrastructure as Code

Created by Mark Barnett, DevOps Capability Lead at KPMG
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Used Terraform
Infrastrutre as code
Learned the basics of Terraform by completing in practice KodeKloud labs. Had a chance to explore infrastructure as code in the AWS cloud.
Speaking Engagement
Talked about Terraform
Visiting the Helsinki HashiCorp User Group to talk about CDK for Terraform.
Sep 18, 2021
Used Terraform
Running discovery tracks within the company related with IaC 
Sep 10, 2021
Deployed a Backend System
Troubleshooting an issue
Used Terraform
Wrote technical documentation
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Helped head of QA to deploy two microservices to new QA environments.

In future these services, which the team I am on owns, have their deployment documentation improved. 

This involved:
  • reading and fixing some terraform
  • using deployment logs
  • working with platform team and QA to ensure the services report as healthy
  • setting up third-party provider integrations. 
It will enable colleagues to deploy their branches for QA, prior to release in production.
Migrated a Product
Migrated database
Migrated a web application
Used Automation
Used Puppet
Coded in Puppet
Used Terraform
Deployed VM and Docker container using terraform
Used Github
Updated a GitHub repository
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We migrated our product Professional works from physical servers to a high available cloud infrastructure.
DevOps Engineer, demv systems
Learned cloud
Used Terraform
Wrote a Blog Post
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Learned some more about Terraforma and Oracle Cloud!