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Created by Mark Barnett, DevOps Capability Lead at KPMG
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Used Terraform
Began using Terraform to build infrastructure as code on a new platform.
Dec 10, 2021
Talked about Terraform
Speaking Engagement
Video from HashiTalks: Deploy got released 🥳
Nov 07, 2021
Set up a Polywork Custom Domain
Updated my personal website
Used Terraform
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Set up my custom Polywork domain over at 🔥

The only thing maybe missing is system-based dark mode but I would pick brains over beauty on any given day... 🐼

The DNS setup is open source and available at if you want to check it out!
Talked about Terraform
Talked about Azure
Speaking Engagement
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Talked at the first HashiTalks: Deploy about Azure Enterprise Scale Architecture deployed with Terraform. Great new event held my HashiCorp, looking forward to see where they take it in the future 🖖
Wrote a Blog Post
Worked with serverless architecture
Refactored infrastructure-as-code
Learning Infrastructure as Code
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You can run integration tests from a CloudFormation Custom Resource to enable automatic rollback when your tests fail.

I've written a guide that will get you started called, CDK Integration Testing.
Nov 23, 2021
Finished a portfolio project
Used Kubernetes
Used Google Cloud Platform
Used Git
Used Crossplane
Used Argo CD
Used Github
Practised CI/CD
Learning Infrastructure as Code
Wrote technical documentation
Used GitOps
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I finished and published Eutuxia on Github.