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Created by Adam Varga, Product Design & Creative Technology (AR/VR) at dmvrg
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New Portfolio Website
Designed website
Redesigned her portfolio
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It's the time of the year when I redesign my Portfolio Website! New Visuals and new projects 🔥
You can have a look here -> 
Started a new YouTube channel
Started final year of uni
I started my final year of Interaction Design at Ulster University and I started my YouTube channel NameIsJams where I document my uni progress as well as my life as a Luxembourger in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Oct 10, 2021
Launched personal website
Joined an Early Adopter Program
Inaugurating my Polywork account by sharing the MVP for my website at 🌈, just showing past projects for now but I will be updating it with news and resources I'm making 
Designed a new user interface
Captured Product Feature Edge Cases
Redesigned an Experience For A Feature Edge Case
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For a pilot project, we teamed up with BVG (Berlin's main public transport company) to design the interface for one of the two new vending machines that were installed in hundreds of trams. The design resembles BVG's ticket app—the app is already being used by many Berliners—to create a seamless experience across their various touch-points.

Led all efforts at Perspective.
Freelance Product Designer,
May 12, 2021
Designed Marketing Collateral
Created Website Banner
Designed a publicity banner for a music video. A group of eight youth members from the organisation's youth centre, embarked on a year-long project to write and produce a song accompanied with a music video to raise awareness on the need of seeking help when one experiences early signs of distress.
Executive, Singapore Children's Society
May 03, 2021
Filmed a tutorial
Standardized an internal process
Wrote user/instruction manual
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Einführung der Onlinehilfe QuickAccess für alle Mitarbeitenden. 
Erstellung eines Erklärvideos in den Sprachen Deutsch, Französisch und Italienisch. 

Der QuickAccess ist eine interne Suchmaschine für Lernangebote mit Learning Analytics Funktionen. 

Mitarbeitende können bei einem Problem einfache Klickanweisungen direkt neben dem betroffenen Programm aufrufen und die animierten Anweisungen Schritt für Schritt nachmachen. 

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