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Finally launched my personal website/portfolio
Mar 19, 2021
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Prototyped a new kind of text object. 🧬
Head of Typography, Adobe Inc.
Sep 21, 2021
Prototyped a feature

Team management feature

Our users can't invite their colleagues to use the product or manage their roles. This feature will solve that problem, meaning that the product provides value for startups with 50+ employees.
Aug 22, 2021
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Writes a UX case study
Redesigned a High Fidelity Design of a Feature
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First half of the UX/UI bootcamp at Memorisely is over. 🎉

What an amazing time I had until now. I learned so much, I got introduced to wonderful people and am working on a case study for Margot Community right now. 💫

In our week no. 5 the topics had been high-fidelity prototyping and usability testing. What take aways do I have from this week? 

We worked with different prototyping features in figma and put some life in our case study wireframes. Amazing how fast and easy you can turn some sketches into a real looking design when using pre-defined UI styles and components. Now it’s time for testing and I will have a deeper look at Maze during the upcoming weeks.

But why should you do usability testing? We all design with bias. Doing usability testing ensures, that we’re designing for the users and not for ourself. We will gain valuable insights from the users behavior and can use the real time data for iterating on the product design. Additionally we make sure that we’re on the right track with our work. 

When doing usability tests:
➡️ Define the scope
➡️ Choose the method for your test - moderated or unmoderated testing
➡️ Get your test set-up
➡️ Conduct your test using personal invites
➡️ Analyse and share your results
➡️ Write the tasks for your test with the goals defined for your user flows in mind
➡️ Avoid interface design terms when writing task for the users so not to guide them too much

Next to testing, iterating on my design and wrapping up my case, it’s time for a break. Our whole class will be back in two weeks, learning, exploring and diving even deeper into UX and UI for another 5 weeks together! Looking forward to learning with all of them.
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