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Created by Adam Varga, Product Design & Creative Technology (AR/VR) at dmvrg
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Dec 08, 2021
UI UX Designer
Product Designer
 Hey Guys 🧐
Check Trapay App shot On Dribbble:
Also, you can check the full project on Behance:
Mar 01, 2020
Product Designer
Outsource Product Designer At Gulf Board (Board Management System)
Built a Personalization Strategy
Built a personalization strategic road map for a leading manufacturer
Nov 25, 2021
Created a data visualization
In my new dataviz for #DiversityinData, I look at the Fed's Distributional Financial Accounts data. Did you know that in 2020, Black Americans possessed only 4.1% of the nation's people's total net worth? Check out the interactive viz on Tableau Public.
Dec 28, 2020
Studied design
Tested a User Experience
Created a Storyboard
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I submitted my final project "Soma" with briefing from Banco Original, for EBAC: "UX Design" course on 13th and was approved in the final work on december 28th. Best way to end this year: completing this incredible course, despite all the difficulties, it was a very deep dive experience.

The tutor's feedback for improvements and positive points motivate me to continue testing the experience of migrating to the product area.

"In your presentation, you explained your design process well, and made clear the pains of the users you discovered in your research. This is a fundamental point to justify your choices. It's interesting to better understand how your search led you to the keywords you've chosen. Same thing about usability testing: what did it teach you and how did you improve the app experience from it? The branding was really cool, as much in the visual part as in the name concept. Congratulations on completing the course!"
network design
Solved a Networking Problem
Today I fixed a network routing issue on a Superyacht remotely for a Peplink partner.