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Built a mobile app
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Built Dinney

A Restaurant Reservation mobile app that helps clients and restaurant branch managers to reserve/manage reservations according to the partial re-opening rules set by Egyptian government during Covid-19 pandemic.

Jan 29, 2021
Released a SwiftUI Framework
iOS Development
At the beginning of the year, I released my SwiftUI networking library OneNetwork.

Short description:
  • Build simple UI components with 1:1 network connection to views.
  • Automatically parse to your Codable models from the response JSON.
  • Predestine your network responses during development, making your PreviewProvider implementations network independent. No need to muck about with complex mocking solutions for unit & UI tests either.
  • OAUth authentication, with predefined authentications for Google & Spotify.
Pushed to production
Published to the App Store
Built something new
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After 6 months of hardwork, the team at fethr finally pushed the fethr app to App Store and Google Play Store. Leading development on the mobile application has been an exciting journey. We battle tested the app with hundreds of beta testers and made quick pivots as we piled on the Testflight users. The app itself is built using Flutter, Google's UI toolkit for building apps, it allowed us to quickly build and ship the app without having to worry about building multiple apps for each platform. We used Firebase (Auth, Firestore, Crashlytics, Storage and Analytics) for most of our backend services, Flutter's quick and easy integration with Firebase services prevented a lot of headaches and saved a ton of time! 

Let me know what you think about the app :)

Lead Flutter Engineer (Freelance), fethr
Published to the App Store
Building a bank, just released it to the AppStore. Still in stealth/beta mode. More to come soon.
Published to the App Store
Another update to No Meat Today, with 2 more cows for October and highly requested feature.

More info:
Published to the App Store
I pushed this update 24h after 4.0. It includes cows for Canadian and American Thanksgiving.

You can read more about it here: