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Sep 02, 2021
Launched a new app
Used Jamstack
Used Nextjs
Used esp web installer
Used stackbit
Working with Open Source
Utilized Open-Source Framework
Used Netlify
Learned React
Used React.js
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Go live WLED localized project - Vietnamese supported version.

This is the first software project of mine built under NghienRGB community. WLED is an awesome project and I want to localize it and make it easier for the Vietnamese community. Check it out at:
Migrating to Next.js
Redesigned my personal portfolio. Migrated from plain HTML to Next.js! Next.js is really my go-to now!
Sep 05, 2021
Moved website to Ghost
Built a Ghost theme
Moved from Jekyll to Ghost CMS for my personal website.

Hopefully this gets me to write more 😆

You can view it at chisenires.design 🌟
Redesigned a website
Migrating to Next.js
Used Next.js
Used Netlify
Deployed via Netlify
Deployed a site on Netlify
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I made a new personal website!

Check out michaelbanzon.com!
Made a JAMstack project
Rebuilt Webgrower.ru with new stack - Ghost.js, Cloudinary and Nuxt.js. The whole thing about this project is that it uses Ghost.js as headless cms, which is installed locally and works fine without any expensive hosting providers.
Jul 15, 2021
Used Jamstack
Improved site performance
Established a Deployment Process
Improved page load
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I posted this on Reddit the other day and was surprised by how few people knew about this so I'll post it here to see if it's helpful:

This is a report in the Google Search Console for doesitarm.com. It gives you the percentage of pages that are "Good Page Experience" meaning they load fast and don't do frustrating things like have slow buttons or jump content while you're reading it.
This also means that when Google starts using Good Page Experience as a ranking factor in search these pages will rank higher than equally relevant websites that don't have "Good Page Experience".
This is a super big deal for internet companies that depend on search for business so naturally, Google has made this a very high standard that's hypothetically harder to game and is providing tools and resources for developers to make the existing sites better in a way that's actually helpful to humans using websites.
It's similar to when Google started ranking HTTPS higher but with a metric that is not so simple to win at.