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Jun 17, 2020
Deploy a Laravel App
Backend developer
Developed a backend system
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Developed the backend and admin panel for Inploy. A new platform that connects clients with service providers who can fulfill their business needs.

The project was developed using TDD (test-driven development) and integrated with an online payment service (Paymob).
Software developer, 34ML
Dec 29, 2021
Wrote a Blog Post
Using Vue3
Working with Laravel
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Wrote a blog post about how I added an easily reusable search input to my Laravel Jetstream application with Vue.js. 
Used Laravel
Refactoring a backend feature
Managed a project
Developed a new feature
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Integrated a transportation SAP module to our Family Transport app 
Software Developer, 34ML
Launched an MVP
Developed a Product
Developed a backend system
Used Laravel
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We at 34ML have launched our new product HBM . We have been working so hard the whole year and I am glad we have reached this phase. 

HBM is a Platform as a service that allows you to quickly with no code at all deploy an E-commerce mobile apps with lots of features and customization just for your needs. 

check it out on
Software Developer, 34ML
Started 3 months ago
Launching a side project
Used Laravel
Web3 project
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Started working on a little side project to explore web3 and the Solana blockchain.
Apr 01, 2020
Launched a website
Launched an E-Commerce Website
Used Laravel
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Launched the new Choice Manufactured Parts website.